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HIBMS walks hand-in-hand with medical facilities to provide particle therapy to many patients suffering from cancer, so they can experience excellent quality of life (QOL).
HIBMS eases the burden on medical facilities by proposing the best solution from the facility’s point of view. We believe that experience has irreplaceable value.

From system purchase until the conclusion of a contract

Contents of support from an explanation about particle therapy until the conclusion of a contract
Comprehensive planned support from the medical facility’s point of view

Provision of information about financially balanced management

Briefing on particle therapy

Explanation of the importance of support for system startup

Provision of information necessary for system startup

From the start of facility construction until completion

Establishing a new particle therapy medical facility requires building application procedures and educating medical staff to be well versed in particle therapy.

HIBMS provides a wide range of support by giving construction-related advice and assisting with human resource development.

Advice concerning the building layout

Support for radiation shielding calculation

Support for application for permission or notification pursuant to relevant laws or regulations

Progress checking for building construction and system creation

Advice about the selection of various kinds of equipment necessary for starting therapy

Training for medical staff to acquire particle therapy technology

Advice for gaining more patients

Professional technical power for an appropriate balance between radiation safety management and building economy

Radiation shielding calculation

Thicker radiation shielding walls allow less radiation to penetrate but have higher costs. On the other hand, thinner radiation shielding walls have lower costs but allow more radiation to penetrate. Simulations based on many years of experience are needed to optimize wall thickness in terms of both safety and economy. HIBMS conducts radiation shielding calculations for a building that will accommodate a particle therapy system. We make use of computer simulation to optimize the layout and thickness of radiation shielding walls and save on building costs. Based on the experience we have cultivated to date, we propose a building layout by considering the traffic lines of patients and medical staff and improving work efficiency.

Process management

HIBMS checks the progress of building construction and system production to support consultations with the relevant authorities and application work at an appropriate timing. We provide coordination between a hospital and a contractor or manufacturer as necessary.

Function verification

Different functions are required from the particle therapy system or other medical devices according to the position in the body requiring particle therapy. HIBMS contributes to implementing the particle therapy expected by a hospital by giving advice about performance or optimal models necessary for satisfying the required functions.

Human resources training

This section provides On the Job Training (OJT) at Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center to cultivate human resources capable of ensuring a smooth launch of particle therapy and continuously providing safe and secure therapy.

Until the start of therapy

An enormous amount of data needs to be evaluated for a particle therapy system, including testing and commissioning by the manufacturer at system installation. The system is expected to operate stably after the initiation of treatment.

HIBMS has a track record and experience in establishing several particle therapy medical facilities.
HIBMS also has the know-how (intellectual property) to ensure safe operations.

Support for undergoing various examinations pursuant to relevant laws and regulations

Evaluation of system implementation test results

Support for system commissioning

Continuous operation support (optimizing maintenance, management, and operation outsourcing)

Excellent onsite and remote support together with the facility for commissioning

Commissioning support

Commissioning is the most important step for implementing safe and secure particle therapy. HIBMS has long experience in using particle therapy systems. We will work together with a hospital for commissioning to complete the appropriate items in an appropriate period of time. HIBMS will provide appropriate advice if any problems occur, and find solutions together with the manufacturer of the particle therapy system.

Commissioning support

Radiation management

Prior to the initiation of a particle therapy system, HIBMS verifies that the building radiation shielding and radiation safety management equipment will function normally. We also give advice about preparation for inspections by the relevant authorities and witness the inspection on the day itself to contribute to the establishment of a radiation safety management system at a hospital.

Radiation management

System management for stable operations

HIBMS provides advice on various kinds of quality management work to contribute to the continuation of safe and secure particle therapy even after implementation. We also give advice about the creation of a maintenance and management plan, which is indispensable for efficient facility operations.

System management  for stable operations

HIBMS facility support

System development proposals reflecting experience and expertise

Many tasks on the hospital side impose a burden on staff

System implementation is accompanied by many kinds of tasks. Various steps and costs are involved until commissioning and the provision of particle therapy, such as applications and other paperwork and human resources training. These steps are generally carried out by the hospital at its own cost. Application proceedings and construction schedule control require specialist understanding, and system implementation may increase the burden on the hospital and interfere with its usual work.

Many tasks on the hospital side
impose a burden on staff

Tsuyama chuo hospital Okayama university Proton BEAM

HIBMS facility support

Comprehensive, continuous support hand-in-hand with the facility

HIBMS has a wealth of information about devices and technologies for system implementation. We propose the development of an optimal system for each hospital and support application processes and human resources training. We can also propose equipment development from a clinical point of view and always provide the latest technical information. We contribute to highly safe, accurate, and efficient particle therapy to reduce the burden on the hospital and contribute to the planned initiation of safe and secure particle therapy.

Implementing safe and secure
particle therapy
Comprehensive, continuous support
hand-in-hand with the facility

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