Message from HIBMS

HIBMS walks hand-in-hand with medical facilities to provide particle therapy to many patients suffering from cancer for excellent QOL (quality of life).

The Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center has been accumulating a wide variety of high-level expertise in particle therapy for many years. HIBMS (Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Support) was established to provide our expertise to medical facilities that intend to introduce particle therapy.
Particle therapy is a minimally invasive treatment suitable for facilitating a quick return to society for cancer patients. At HIBMS, we provide every piece of particle therapy know-how cultivated by Hyogo Prefecture to everyone. Our sincere wish is to help medical facilities initiate particle therapy by breaking through all the barriers, and we hope to make this therapy accessible to cancer patients as soon as possible.

Medicine is free of borders. HIBMS is not just active in Japan, but rather aims to provide global support. HIBMS will continue to walk hand-in-hand with Japanese and overseas medical facilities so that our know-how will offer help and hope to people around the world who are suffering from cancer. HIBMS contributes to society through consulting in support of the diffusion of particle therapy for cancer treatment anywhere in the world. We hope to continue to pursue this goal.

Jiro Sato

Jiro Sato
Deputy Superintendent,
Hyogo Prefectural Hospitals Agency