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Bringing Ion Beam Therapy To All

Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Support (HIBMS) is a consulting company founded by Hyogo Prefectural government with the aim of developing and wide-spreading ion beam therapy in the world.

Our company has extensive expertise and know-how for facility installation, ion-beam treatments, operation and maintenance of ion-beam machine cultivated in Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center (HIBMC). The hospital, HIBMC, is the parent organization of our company, and the first facility with the capability both of proton and carbon-ion therapy in the world.

We, HIBMS, support medical institutions introducing ion beam therapy facility around the world for appropriate facility planning, fast installation and commissioning, and efficient operation.

Business Overview

Facility planning

Consulting for medical equipment/installation plans, radiation
shielding calculations, etc.

Human resource development

Arranging OJT for medical doctors, co-medical and other
specialists in a hospital with ion beam therapy facility.

Medical equipment installation

Supporting commissioning of ion beam equipment, necessary
documentations to regulatory agencies for radiation safety, etc.


Developing effective tools for commissioning of equipment,
quality assurance of ion beams and ion-beam treatments.


2001Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center finished the construction – start clinical trail for proton and carbon-ion therapy.
2003Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center – start treatments with proton beams for the public
2005Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center – start treatments with carbon-ion beams for the public.
2011Establishment of Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Support Co., Ltd..
2016Client – Okayama University Tsuyama Chuo Hospital Proton Beam Cancer Treatment Center – start treatments with proton beams.
2017Client - Medical Co. Hakuhokai Osaka Proton Beam Clinic – start treatments with proton beams.
Establishment of the Prefectural Ion Beam Treatment Center-affiliated Kobe Proton Beam Center